Back from the dark years

Posted on 5/8/2015 in blog

Hi again, it's me. Again.

The "dark years" is a term allegedly coined by Lego to describe that period of time in one's life between childhood and full adulthood.

Between when you saw Legos as Christmas toys and when you go out and buy yourself a $800 Lego Star Destroyer and say to the same self: "That's right, I am not ashamed of this!"

Not to say that I went out and bought hundreds of dollars in Lego Star Wars (or other licensed) gear, but - for a couple of years, now - I went back to revisit one of my favorite hobbies from my childhood: plastic modeling.

I have a bunch of kits I'm building now and I have approached the hobby side of Warhammer 40,000 (alas, I'm not very good at the game itself).

I posted a bunch of photos and notes about my Wharhammer 40,000 models at, but now that I am expanding my scope to aircraft and armor models, I felt I needed my own space to document my projects.

So here it is.