Scalemates integration

Posted on 6/14/2015 in blog

Just a bit of a departure from all these modelling posts, but somehow related.

I wanted to show my stash and my wishlist on my website (this one you're reading now). I maintain those lists on the the incredibly excellent Scalemates site, run by Tim Vereeke, and I didn't want to duplicate this data on multiple sites...

So I contacted Tim and asked if it was possible to have his site generate a RSS feed of my lists. After a bit of trial and error (mostly to render the generated RSS in Wordpress), I have two pages (Models stash and (Models wishlist) that read the feed and display it in a lovely way.

My feeds are here for my stash and here for my wishlist. You can replace 19629 with your user id on Scalemates, and you should be able to get a RSS chunk that represents the contents of those lists.

Very nifty, very powerful, very useful :)

Thanks Tim!