Armée de l'Air colors in WWII

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Conversion table

Color RGB Notes FS.595b LifeColor Vallejo Tamiya AK
Gris Bleu Clair B1B9A8 Standard scheme lower surfaces from 1938 FS 36473 LC UA141 AV 71.257 TAM XF-23
Kaki Francais 586742 Standard scheme upper surfaces from 1938 FS 34096 LC UA142
Terre/Brun Fonce 3B2918 Standard scheme upper surfaces from 1938 FS 30045 LC UA143 AV 71.287 TAM XF-51
Chamois C1A175 1939-1945 interior and metal parts FS 33448 LC UA144
Gris Bleu Fonce 8B9EA8 Standard scheme upper surfaces from 1938 FS 35237 LC UA145 AV 71.097 TAM XF-82
Vert Kaki/Pomme 66735D Standard scheme upper surfaces from 1938 FS 34128 LC UA146 AV 71.285 TAM XF-26

Fighters interior


  • tubular structure: light gray, barely bluish
  • instrument panel: matt black
  • instruments and switches: satin black
  • seat: medium blue gray (same as tubular structure?)
  • right radio compartment: light gray
  • gas control ball: varnished wood
  • flap and landing gear controls: aluminum with red ends
  • trim adjustment wheel: wood



  • Underside: Gris Bleu Clair: FS 35189, TAM XF-23
  • Gris Bleu Fonce: FS 35164, GSI C366
  • Kaki: FS 34087, GSI C304. Vert is apparently FS 34223?
  • Brun: FS 30099, still trying to figure out a good match. Terre de Sienne is apparently FS 30108?
  • Cockpit: Bleu de Nuit: FS 35044, MRP US Insignia Blue

White Ensign Model colorsets


  • ACF 01, Vert Moyen (Medium Green);
  • ACF 02, Vert Fonce (Ivy Green);
  • ACF 03, Terre d'Ombre Nat. (Raw Earth);
  • ACF 04, Chocolat (Burnt Sienna);
  • ACF 05, Gris Fonce (Dark Blue-Grey);
  • ACF 06, Ombre Calcinee (Dark Earth);
  • ACF 07, Kaki (Dark Olive Drab);
  • ACF 08, Vert (Green);
  • ACF 09, Gris Bleu Clair (Sky Grey);
  • ACF 10, Gris Bleu Ciel (Sky Blue);
  • ACF 11, Chamois (interior protective coating);
  • ACF 12, Bleu Fonce (cockpit interior dark blue).

(from same thread)

For the cockpit Interior, you can use USN Dark Sea Blue (flat) and if you want, add a touch of black. The wheel wells and gear were painted the underside color For the underside color, I've used TAM XF-25. For the top side blue-gray, I've used TAM XF-54. For the Brown, any dark brown. The problem with Tamiya browns is that they are too reddish (although I've used TAM XF-68 for the Hawk 75, which allegedly used a redder brown than other aircraft). The paint chips I have of the French brown show them as pretty straight forward dark brown. The Green is the other problem, it is sort of a khaki-green. A pssible mix is a little TAM XF-57 or TAM XF-52 to XF-67.


  • Gris Bleu Clair (underside): 5: GSI C315 + 3: GSI C1 + 2: GSI C337 C1C2C4
  • Gris Bleu Fonce: 5: GSI C337 + 4: GSI C315 + 1: GSI C110 7F858F
  • Terre Fonce: 5: GSI C131 + 4: GSI C369 + 1: GSI C316 695F5B