Regio Esercito colors in WWII

Posted on 6/11/2023 in blog with tags Regio Esercito Color schemes

Tons of color images (not colorized) can be found here. These were taken by a German photographer following Hitler's visit to Italy in 1938, and later acquired by the Time/Life magazine.

Armor and vehicles

Color RGB Notes FS.595b Lifecolor Vallejo Tamiya AK
Grigio Verde Chiaro 76814F Tarps, coverings and green body tank variant FS 34424/FS 34201 Var LC UA213 AV 71.103 TAM XF-21 AK RC038
Grigio Verde Scuro 8B8D68 Pre war and after 1943 body tank FS 34097/FS 34508 Var/FS 34159 LC UA214 AV 71.044 TAM XF-22 AK RC231
Rosso Ruggine 581B0F Ansaldo and A.O.I. camo FS 31105/FS 31109 LC UA215 AV 71.084 AK RC218
Verde Scuro 1F4F2E Ansaldo and amoeba camo FS 34058 Var LC UA216 AV 71.012 AK RC305
Giallo Sabbia Chiaro EAD882 Body color in A.O.I. FS 33531/FS 33564 Var LC UA217 AV 71.075 AK RC046
Giallo Sabbia Scuro B89D3D Ansaldo and amoeba camo FS 33245 LC UA218 AV 71.028 AK RC093
Marrone Sabbia 8D6856 CV-33 tankette base AV 71.034
Grigio Cemento 7D8471 Semovente 90/53 base AV 71.045

(*) A.O.I. = Africa Orientale Italiana


Color RGB Notes FS.595b Lifecolor Vallejo Tamiya AK
Desert Yellow 8F7745 Africa uniforms FS 30257 AV 70.977
Olive Grey 3F564D Europe uniforms and puttees FS 34096 LC UA054 AV 70.888 TAM XF-51
Yellow Green 8D8445 Webbing FS 34259 LC UA240 AV 70.881