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Posted on 9/23/2023 in blog with tags Color schemes

Have Glass is the code name for a series of RCS reduction measures for the F-16 fighter. Its primary aspect is the addition of an indium-tin-oxide layer to the gold tinted cockpit canopy. This is reflective to radar frequencies, while it may seem odd, adding a radar reflective coating actually reduces the plane's visibility to radar. An ordinary canopy would let radar signals straight through where they would strike the many edges and corners inside and bounce back strongly to the source, the reflective layer dissipates these signals instead.

Overall, Have Glass reduces an F-16's RCS (radar-cross section) by some 15 percent. Not sure if it's exactly the same stuff as the F-22 but it's applied with the same CASPER (Computer Aided Spray Paint Expelling Robot) system used for the F-22 so I’d be guessing yes.

The paint has a distinct metallic finish to it and has a dirty faded weathered appearance. Paint codes for this finish are:

And the equivalency color table is:

Area Color Tamiya Vallejo
Overall Aircraft FS36270 Haze Grey TAM XF-75 AV 71.275
Topsides FS36118 Gunship grey, ANA 603 TAM XF-54 AV 71.097
Wingtip Missile Rails FS36270 Haze Grey TAM XF-75 AV 71.275
Underwing Missile Rails, Pylons & Drop tanks FS36375 Medium Grey TAM XF-19 AV 73.615
- or - FS36270 Haze Grey TAM XF-75 AV 71.275

A lot more info can be found at key.aero.

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