Spad VII C.1

Posted on 1/22/2023 in kit with tags Corpo Aereo Militare

Corpo Aeronautico Militare – 91ª Squadriglia S1544, Capitano Giorgio Pessi, July 1917

After the war Giorgio Pessi went to America as a pilot for their Ca.5 program and actually flew a bomber under the Brooklyn Bridge!

Kit details

Painting reference

  • Fuselage/underside: AV 71.027 LIGHT BROWN
  • Cowling: AV 71.107 US INTERIOR YELLOW
  • Tail: AV 71.132 AGED WHITE
  • Flag: AV 71.003 SCARLET RED + AV 71.010 INTERIOR GREEN
  • Wood: AV 71.077 WOOD

This model appears in

  • Aircraft of the Aces, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA, from Feb 2 2023 to Jun 1 2023 (event managed by John Newcome)

Spad VII C.1
Giorgio Pessi flew with the  91st Squadriglia.  He scored  all of his eight victories flying a SPAD VII with his personal marking of a crescent moon
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci