Grumman Avenger AS Mk. IV

Posted on 3/5/2017 in kit with tags Royal Navy

Royal Navy – XB374/981 "Beryl The Peril", HMS Bulwark, Suez Canal (Egypt), 1957

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The APS-4 was a light-weight, pod-mounted airborne ASH (Air-Surface Homing) radar which was suitable for either Airborne Interception (AI) or Air-to-Surface-Vessel (ASV) applications in the X band. On the Avenger, this equipment was carried under the starboard wing and had the same form factor as a 500-lb bomb. The complete system weighed 180 pounds.

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  • IPMS Seattle 2017 Spring Show, at the Community Center in Renton WA, from Apr 22 2017 to Apr 22 2017 (event managed by IPMS Seattle)

Grumman Avenger AS Mk. IV
The US Navy's Avenger was a torpedo bomber in Worl War II, but this postwar version carried radar instead of weapons. During the Crisis, this British example carried supplies for the troops on the ground
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci