McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus

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Marina Militare Italiana – MM7201/I-05, GRUPAER base in Grottaglie (Italy), 2014

Armed with conventional or specific weapons the AV-8B II + can be used in offensive or defensive roles. Now with air-borne radar the AV-8B II + can deliver its ordnance day or night. The f-8B II + can be air refueled allowing it to be deployed for extended periods. In April, 1994 the Italian Navy (Marina Militare Italiana) received the first of the sixteen AV-8B Plus single-seat and two TAV-8B two-seater Harriers. The Harriers are based at Maristaer Grottaglie near Taranto, Italy. There are about 14 pilots assigned to the squadron that operates from the land base or onboard the light aircraft carrier GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI. The first landing of a Harrier on the Garibaldi took place in November 1994. Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati "The Wolves" the unit emblem is a ferocious wolf head.

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  • Foreign Flags: US Aircraft in Foreign Service, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA, from Sep 7 2017 to Nov 30 2017 (event managed by Chellie Lynn)

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus
In service: 1978. Retired: Still Current. Italy is one of 2 countries that received the Harrier II
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci