Messerschmitt Bf109 G-8 R2 Tactical Reconnaisance Fighter

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Luftwaffe – 2./NAG 12 "White 14", Olt. Heimo Emmersdorfer, Mostar (Yugoslavia), July 1944

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Weiß 14, the Bf 109G-6 (pilot Oblt. Heimo Emmerstorfer) of the of 2.Staffel, I./NAG 12 (I./Nahaufklärungsgruppen), one of tactical reconnaissance Gruppen established by the Luftwaffe in Southern Germany on 1943 and equipped with various models of the latest Bf 109G sub-types and tasked with fast, high altitude recce sorties over the battlefield beyond the reach of Allied fighters.

The recce Bf 109 was fitted with Rustsätze comprising the RB 12.5/7 or RB 32/7 camera installations, prior to the appearance of the dedicated G-8 recce variant, and was deployed to the hot spots of the European theatre. The 2.Staffel of the I./NAG 12, established at Herzogenaurach, Southern Germany, Spring 1943, came in Italy early 1944 for recce missions over US-held airfields and ports. Prior of the deployment in Northern Italy, the unit was based on the Albanian Berat airfield, Southwest Tirana, and, afterwards, at Sarajevo.

Victor Sierra - “(...)Bf 109 G-8 usually flown by Leutnant Heimo Emmersdorfer of the 2./NAGr. 12 (...). 'White 14' wears a camouflage scheme carefully applied at unit level that better reflected the northern Mediterranean terrain over which the Staffel operated (...). In correspondence with two former ground crewmembers of the Staffel, the aircraft's colours were described to the author as 'brown and grey', the former most certainly 79 Sandgelb.”

- David Wadman in 'Aufklarer vol.2 – Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Aircraft and Units, 1942-1945'.

This model appears in

  • Air Spy: Eye in the Sky, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA, from Dec 7 2017 to Feb 28 2018 (event managed by Morgan Girling)

Messerschmitt Bf109 G-8 R2 Tactical Reconnaisance Fighter
A dedicated 109 variant, the G-8 carried the standard Rb 50/30 camera, wich was so large that the pilot's seat and armor had to be removed before the technician could crawl inside to change the film pack
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci