Fiat Ansaldo Carro Armato M13/40

Posted on 5/28/2023 in kit with tags Regio Esercito

Regio Esercito - VIII battalion, 1st Company, 2nd Platoon, Bir el Gubi (North Africa), November 1941

It should represent a Series III tank belonging to the Ariete division, sometime around the battle of Bir el Gubi, November 1941, during the opening engagements of Operation Crusader. The particular vehicle belongs to the VIII battalion, 1st Company, 2nd Platoon. The Ariete's first units disembarked in Tripoli on 24 January 1941. The battle at Bir el Gubi was the first engagement where Ariete fought as a division. Also, it was the first armored engagement in the conflict that was successful for the Italians, and it was the battle that earned the Ariete division respect among both Axis and Allies. After this event, the narrative directed toward Italian armored forces changes to: "they fought valiantly, despite being ill-equipped".

Kit details

Painting reference

  • Primer: Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black + AV 73.602 BLACK SURFACE PRIMER
  • Overall: AV 71.075 SAND (IVORY)
  • Camouflage: AK RC231 FIELD GREEN
  • Wheels (rubber): AV 71.315 TIRE BLACK
  • Interior: overall AV 71.001 WHITE, floor: AV 71.097 BASE GREY, seats: AV 71.057 BLACK + AV 70.982 CAVALRY BROWN , details: AV 71.057 BLACK + AV 71.062 ALUMINIUM , weapons: AV 73.660 GLOSS BLACK SURFACE PRIMER
  • Radio body: AV 71.044 GREY RLM02
  • Engine: primer AV 73.660 GLOSS BLACK SURFACE PRIMER, base AV 71.062 ALUMINIUM, details AV 71.057 BLACK + AV 71.073 BLACK METAL + GW Ceramite White Foundation
  • Radiators: primer AV 73.660 GLOSS BLACK SURFACE PRIMER, bottom AV 71.121 LIGHT GULL GRAY
  • Exhausts: base AV 71.055 BLACK GREY RLM66
  • Tracks: base AV 71.055 BLACK GREY RLM66


  • Interior: wash AK 082 for engine and radiator, AK 093 for interior
  • Exterior: wash AK 300 + AK 082, dust streaks AK 022
  • Tracks: rust LC UA908 + LC UA898, dust LC UA912, all highly diluted with water. Metallic wear with Tamiya Weathering Master Gun Metal
  • Exhaust: rust LC UA908 + LC UA898


  • Use Modelkasten workable tracks, but use kit wheels, drive wheels, and suspensions
  • Use Brach Models engine
  • Use Brach Models interior


  • Build Modelkasten tracks
  • Drill wheels (kit A5+B6)
  • Replace nuts on top of suspensions with Modelkasten ones (not necessary, new Tamiya parts are in the kit)
  • Update kit part B3 (hooks)
  • Rebuild light lenses in transparent plastic


  • Update kit part C15 to allow turret interior and swivel
  • Fit doors with P/E (Eduard 35+20+45 on kit C6, Eduard 45 on kit C5)
  • Replace gun breach
  • Add turret interior

Top hull

  • Update kit part C7 to allow turret interior and swivel
  • Add antenna base
  • Add driving periscope
  • Engine grilles
    • Remove
    • Replace with Eduard P/E (Eduard 11+23)
  • Engine doors
    • Remove
    • Rebuild with P/E, add working hinges
  • Rebuild side door (kit C16)
    • Add handle (Eduard 37)
    • Add lock (Eduard 1+2+45)
    • Add working hinges
      • Drill holes
      • Add pins
  • Front doors
    • Remove
    • Rebuild with P/E (Eduard 34)
    • Add hinges
  • Driver hatch
    • Remove
    • Rebuild
    • Add hinges
  • Drill machine guns barrels

Lower hull

  • Rivet bottom
  • Clean interior
  • Build engine
  • Build interior
  • 3D print radio Built the radio with wood and styrene
Fiat Ansaldo Carro Armato M13/40
Scale 1:35
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci