Curtiss R2C-2

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US Navy - Pilot Lt. David Rittenhouse, Schneider Cup 1924

Kit details

Painting reference

  • Overall: AV 71.088 FRENCH BLUE
  • Wings: TAM XF-3 YELLOW
  • Radiators: AV 71.067 BRIGHT BRASS
  • Rudder: AV 71.084 FIRE RED + AV 71.279 INSIGNIA WHITE + AV 71.091 SIGNAL BLUE


  • A single flying wire between the lower wing rear spar at the root and the upper wing rear spar inboard of the I-strut.
  • A single landing wire between the upper wing fairing, above the vertical panel line, and the lower wing at the centre of the base of the I-strut.
  • The flying and landing wires were connected by a rod parallel to the line of flight.
  • A single wire between the wheel hub and the top wing at the front of the I-strut.
  • This landing gear wire was connected with the landing wire by another rod.
  • Each landing gear leg was supported by two wires that were attached to the engine bearers – see images in the gallery. Note that the rear wire passed through the lower wing, not in front of it.


There should be a fairly long, around 10 mm, pitot tube in the left top wing leading edge, at the point where the straight leading edge turns into the curved wing tip.

The R2C only had six radiator elements on each lower wing (starting at the aileron and not reaching all the way into the fuselage)

This model appears in

  • Schneider and Gordon Bennett Air Races, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA, from Jun 6 2024 to Oct 3 2024 (event managed by John Newcome)

Curtiss R2C-2
The Curtiss C2R-2 was a float version of the earlier wheeled C2R-1, prepared for 1924 Schneider Trophy, and eventually cancelled
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci