F-86H Sabre Hog

Posted on 8/23/2023 in kits with tags Air National Guard

US Air National Guard – 138th TFS "The Boys From Syracuse", 53-1314, New York ANG, Andrews AFB (USA), July 1967

Kit details

Painting reference

  • Underside: Aluminum AV 71.062 ALUMINIUM
  • Camo: Dark Green (FS 34079) AV 71.294 US FOREST GREEN + Olive Drab (FS 34102) AV 71.289 US DARK GREEN + Tan (FS 30219) AV 71.125 USAF BROWN

This model appears in

  • Monograph: F-86, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA, from Oct 5 2023 to Feb 1 2024 (event managed by Jim Bates and Will Perry)

F-86H Sabre Hog
The "Hog Sabre" featured a deeper fuselage to make room for a larger and much more powerful engine. Like this example, many Hog Sabres served in Air National Guard units.
Scale 1:72
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci