Lancia 037 Corsa Evoluzione

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Tour de Corse 1984, nº 1 Attilio Bettega/Sergio Cresto

The Lancia Rally (Tipo 151, also known as the Lancia Rally 037, Lancia 037 or Lancia-Abarth #037 from its Abarth project code SE037) was a mid-engine sports car and rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980s to compete in the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. Driven by Markku Alén, Attilio Bettega, and Walter Röhrl, the car won Lancia the manufacturers' world championship in the 1983 season. It was the last rear-wheel drive car to win the WRC.

-from Wikipedia

Kit details

Painting reference

  • Seats: back AV 71.031 MIDDLESTONE, seat AV 71.088 FRENCH BLUE
  • Door interiors: AV 71.031 MIDDLESTONE
  • Interior and rollbar: AV 71.062 ALUMINIUM
  • Engine: body AV 71.062 ALUMINIUM, heads

Reference video

Lancia 037 Corsa Evoluzione
Scale 1:24
Modeler: Paolo Marcucci